Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Birthday/Thank You For Helping Me Move Dinner

Two days to go until my five course Dinner party for myself and 9 friends.  The Dinner is a thank you to those of my friends who helped me move and also a chance to celebrate my birthday!

My grocery list is written (shopping in the morning), my timeline has been planned (first dish commences cooking at 6pm Thursday night) and my house is undergoing a thorough cleaning (hopefully I can get it all up to standard)!  So, lots and lots to do in the next two days.  

Wanna know what we're having?

The menu - 
I've only made two of the dishes before and only one time each, so finger crossed (really tightly) that it all works out!!

Photos and recipes will be posted by Monday night


  1. It always works George :) xx

  2. From the tastebuds of someone who attended... It definately worked!!