Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Glee Coffee Roasters - Tuggerah, NSW

I adore coffee.  I covet coffee.  I respect coffee.  I would say that I love coffee, but that would be an understatement. I would rather drink nothing than drink a bad coffee. My desire to drink only to best is behind my driving past 15 odd cafes every morning to reach Glee Coffee Roasters at Tuggerah.  

These guys KNOW coffee!  They buy green beans, roast onsite and serve fresh coffee made to perfection.  I often joke that they are the John West of coffee cause it's the shots that Glee rejects that make Glee the best.  If they pour a shot that is not perfect, they make your coffee again.  Quality is important.  For this reason, they only serve coffee in one size and do not offer flavour syrups or even sugar (there is some sugar under the counter but your name gets put on the black list if you ask for it). 

Off their coffee menu are some gorgeous teas, of the same impeccable quality and standard as their coffee.  If you're a chocolate lover, give their Fat Chocolate a go.  It's the consistency of chocolate custard with the flavour of decadent hot chocolate.  

They open 8:30-3 Mon-Fri and 8:30-1 Sat.  Go see them. They'll ruin you for other cafes. 

Check out their facebook page and their website.  

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