Saturday, 30 July 2011

I don't remember a time I didn't cook

age 10...

Once a year during schools holidays, my sister and I were shipped off to our Aunt and Uncles house.  I really loved this time with them as we took lots of day trips into the city, visited museums and ate lots of exotic food.  My Aunt and Uncle are very well traveled and aimed to expose my sister and I to as much culture as possible.  

On this particular occasion I was let loose in their shoe box kitchen to cook anything I liked, under the watchful eye of my Aunt.  I decided to make hedgehog slice, a chocolate slice with chunky biscuit pieces, something I had made many time in the past and therefore, memorised the recipe.  It is not a recipe I remember now, but i do know there was a step where you melt chocolate, remove it from heat and quickly whisk in an egg.  My Aunt decided that it couldn't be right as the egg would scramble.  I assured her that was how it was made but she insisted she was correct (did I mention she is a high school science teacher?)  So this slice was made without the addition of egg.

Later that afternoon some other family members dropped by for a visit and my slice was served.  I went back to the kitchen to ice and cut the slice, and wouldn't you know it, the entire thing CRUMBLED!  Without the addition of egg, there was nothing to hold the other ingredients together.  So this giant mess was placed on the table and people were forced to pick up crumbling bite sized pieces and quickly get them from table to mouth before they disintegrated.   

It did taste pretty good and my Aunt proudly informed everyone that I cooked the entire thing while I sat there quietly resenting the fact she didn't let me cook it properly and therefore I was being held responsible for a total disaster!  

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