Sunday, 10 July 2011

My Chef Idols

Two chefs, two styles, two philosophies, two names - Jamie, Heston.

Jamie Oliver - I first discovered the Naked Chef while trawling late night tv shows in my early teens.  The name of the show alone piqued my interest and as I watched, I was amazed that this young, cheeky, British chef was proclaiming philosophies akin to those I had been forming myself, thanks to a similar view of cooking from my Mum and Nan.   

The philosophy?  Fresh, unadulterated ingredients of the best quality. Simple, uncomplicated, cooking methods.  Seasonal produce and complimenting flavours.  Cooking amazing, generous, wholesome, rustic, share meals for friends and family.

Heston Blumenthal - This man does things with food that are beyond imagination!  A self taught chef with a scientific approach to cooking who is challenging the common beliefs and practices of the culinary world.  Two things that have stuck in my memory are the bottled scent of candy shop served with a dessert and serving orange flavoured purple coloured jelly next to beetroot flavoured orange coloured jelly. 

His philosophy?  Anything is possible! Food should excite, delight, involving all five senses  and challenge preconceptions Also, food involves emotion, history, memory, intellect and nostalgia.   Food should make you feel and speak to your soul. 

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