Sunday, 10 July 2011

Top 5 - Kitchen Utensils

I cannot live without...

1. Chef's Knife - For (almost) all your chopping needs!  It slices, it dices, it'll take off a finger if you're not careful!  I regularly sharpen my knife and keep it sheathed when not in use. 
2. Wooden Spoon - I inherited a wooden spoon from my Mum that I became very attached to, so much so that when I lost it in a house move, I cried!  It was the most perfect shape and I've not found one that compares since.  When I do buy a new wooden spoon, I prefer it to have a small-medium sized spoon and a flat or triangular handle that is curved so it fits nicely in my palm.  Not easy to find...

3. Wooden Chopping Board - Throw out your plastic or glass chopping boards today!!  Wooden boards allow easy, fast, non slip chopping and are by far the most hygienic choice.  I regularly 'salt' my board too.  I'm not sure why, but I read something somewhere sometime that said why it was good for some reason.

4. Lemon Juicer -   I LOVE lemons!! I put lemon juice in everything...well, not everything, but a lot of places one would not normally expect lemon juice to be.  I've even been known to eat lemons like they're oranges when the mood takes me.  This juicer is my best friend. Easy to use, easy to clean and gets every last drop of juice out of that lemon. 

5. Spatula - As with wooden spoons, I am very fussy when it comes to buying a spatula.  They can't be firm, nor do I like them to be too pliable, they have to be just right.  Great for scraping down the sides of the bowl when cooking cakes or getting the last drop of sauce out of the frying pan.  My daughter hates the spatula as it reduces the amount of cake batter she can lick from the wooden spoon or beaters! 

Images used are for illustrative purposes only. 


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