Monday, 1 August 2011


So, my Mum, who returned from her 'European Summer Adventure' yesterday, just told me we are having some guests for dinner tomorrow night and as she is at work all day (high school teacher), I am responsible for cooking the feast!  Mum and the Honoured Guest have already worked out the menu and I was delighted to learn that not only have I never cooked the three main dishes before, it is a cuisine I have not cooked a lot of at all.  To make matters more difficult, my over active 14 month old son is home with me tomorrow and he requires a lot of my attention through the day.  Well, I do like a challenge.

The guests?  An overseas relative and my highly critical grandmother.

The menu? Indian Cuisine.
I'm doing dessert as well but it is not Indian so I didn't want to add it to the list above.

The Dessert?  Pineapple Salad (this one is my creations)

Hopefully I'll have enough time to take photos of ingredients and the finished product.  Now, to study these recipes, write my shopping list and work out a time plan. And then study these recipes some more.  Did I mention I have never made either curry or naan?  

Wish me luck!

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