Monday, 24 October 2011

Top 10 - Maltese Dishes

When I started my blog, I made a few Maltese dishes with plans to do a lot more, however, I was side tracked by requests, catering and posting the recipes of dishes I cook day to day.  

While I am Maltese and LOVE Maltese food, it's not something I generally cook a lot of at home.  I usually prepare these meals when I have an insatiable craving or want to impress my friends.  

So, I am posting my favourite Maltese Dishes in hopes it will encourage me to refocus my energies and prepare some of the dishes on this list, which are some of my favourite dishes in the whole world! Maltese cuisine is the best in the world so I couldn't limit this list to just five. Here are my top TEN Maltese Dishes. Enjoy.

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