Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chinta Ria - Cockle Bay, NSW

Day two of my Sydney visit and lunch was at Chinta Ria, the temple of love and yes, I am in love with Chinta Ria!  Located on the roof terrace in Cockle Bay on Sussex St, between the imax and the aquarium, Chinta Ria offers fresh and interesing Malaysian cuisine.  A funky round building with both indoor and outdoor dining, friendly, young and energetic staff and brightly coloured, retro serving ware.  

A giant gold Buddha greets you on your entry and holds prime position in the centre of the large dining room.  The Chinta Ria philosophy is joy, peace and love, which really does permeate through the entire restaurant.  The kitchen is in full view and very clean (always a good thing) and the bathrooms are funky and very clean (also a good thing).  

The five menus were a little overwhelming so I pushed them all towards my dining companion and asked them to order for both of us!  That was a smart decision... 

We started with parker's gems and something else that was delicious.  The parker's gems are minced chicken with coriander, potato, noodles and spices, lightly battered and deep fried - an absolute powerhouse of flavours with a lovely texture.  The something else that was delicious were little squishy parcels, made from fish and packed full of flavour.  Sorry for not knowing what these are called.  I will have to go back and order them again so I definitely remember what they are! 

Our first main was a beef dish and again, many apologies, but I missed the name of this one too.  It was delicious and the beef was very tender with crisp fried vegetables in a beautiful sweet soy sauce.  This was served with rice and steamed veggies.

The other main, and my personal favourite of the day, was Toby's Pepper Bird.  Pan fried chicken fillet pieces flavoured with lemongrass, chili and garlic.  It was incredibly flavoursome without being 'burn your mouth spicy'. This was also served with rice and steamed veggies. 

Overall, this dining experience was amazing and somewhere I will be dining again.  For more information, visit their website.

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