Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Miro Tapas Bar - Sydney, NSW

Day One in Sydney consisted of a 2pm check in, a walk around the city and a quick trip back to the hotel to google a good tapas restaurant.  I love the Russian roulette of dining in a city I am not familiar with.  Tonight, was a complete win.

Miro Tapas Bar is located at 76 Liverpool Street, which is on the corner of Kent.  It is a funky little restaurant below street level, with red walls and white furniture.  The staff were all incredibly friendly, efficient, good looking and Spanish speaking.  Their thick accents made the dishes sound as good as they tasted and my made my efforts at pronouncing the dishes sounds comical.  

We started with our dining experience with some sangria and acitunas (olives).  I was super spoilt for my fist ever sangria experience as it was made with a very good quality Spanish wine, lightly spiced, with a hint of orange and plenty of fresh fruit. 

Next, was the tortilla alhambra and escalivada vasca.  The tortilla alhambra was nice; a eggplant, capsicum, chili and shallot filled frittata with a heavy sprinkling of Moroccan spices. However, nothing else compared to the escalivada vasca which completely stole the evening.  Small pieces of toasted bread with smoky garlic and lemon eggplant dip, topped with roasted capsicum and anchovies.  Oh yum, I will definitely be recreating this in my own kitchen so keep an eye out for that recipe.

Lastly, we enjoyed the gambas alajillo - a lovely dish of very heavily garliced prawns, the chorizo con manzanas caramelizadas and the calamares al sol.  The chorizo con manzanas caramelizadas was pretty special, charred chorizo with caramlized apples and the most amazing caramel sauce.  The chorizo was beautifully spicey and salty, perfectly complemented by the sweet caramel and tangy apples.  Yum!  The calamares al sol, stripes of golden calamari were exceptionally tender and served with lemon pepper (literally, a wedge of lemon coated in coarsely ground black pepper) and a special salsa, which was similar in flavour to a basil pesto.

All in all it was an amazing dinner, one of the best tapas experiences I have had.  Prices were reasonable, bordering on pricey.  Next time, I must try the churros!  For more information, visit their website.  

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