Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sushi Choo - Sydney NSW

I love sushi and it is a staple of my diet.  I especially love sushi trains as you can have a little taste of a lot of different things and variety is always good.

Sushi Choo may just be the best sushi I have ever had.  Fresh, fast and HEAPS of variety.  Located on the ground floor of the Merivale on George St, Sushi Choo is a funky little eatery with astro boy figurines, bright paper place mats and large, low hanging red cage-like light fixtures.  

The food itself is pretty amazing, slices of fresh tuna that melt in your mouth, tender calamari rings in a crispy fried coating, chicken dumplings packed full of flavour, little bowls of noodles and inside out rolls as far as the eye can see in more varieties than you can count on both fingers and toes.

The staff are so friendly and appear to be having a lot of fun, which always makes a dining experience more enjoyable.  I recommend ariving early and taking advantage of their all-you-can-eat special, details can be found on their webpage.

Sorry for the lack of photos, you'll just have to go and see for yourself! 

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