Monday, 12 December 2011

King Island Dairy

You may not know this, but cheese runs in my veins!  It is my greatest weakness and the most difficult food to avoid day to day, as I do try to eat a healthy balanced diet.  Hard cheese, soft cheese, cream cheese, any cheese!  I even plan to have, should I ever get married, a Cheese Tower Wedding Cake decorated with fresh figs, dates and grapes.  And when that happens, I'll be calling on King Island dairy to send my a selection of their finest!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am very fussy and a bit of a perfectionist and for these reason, I am very careful when it comes to the products I purchase and even more careful regarding which products I endorse.  King Island Dairy is, hands down, some of the best cheese I have ever eaten.

King Island Dairy has been a favourite of mine for years and when you learn a little about the island and manufacturing process, you begin to understand why the taste is so superior.

"According to legend, straw mattresses containing dried grass seeds were swept ashore from French and English shipwrecks and germinated in the rich soils, creating lush pastures.

Discovered in 1791 to be the most isolates islands in the Bass Straight, King Island to this day retains its pristine environment.  The 110,000 windswept hectares are extremely fertile, enjoying moderate temperatures and year round rainfall, making it an ideal location to support the island's dairy industry.  More than 9,000 cows graze on some of the cleanest grass in the world, producing the sweet milk from which the cheese is made." -

Master cheesemaker Ueli Berger is the grandson of a cheesemaker and son of a dairy farmer  and has been at King Island Dairy since 1998.  During this time, he has created five King Island Dairy Black Label cheeses as well as overseeing the manufacturing all of cheese produced on the island.  

One thing I have learnt from personal experience and also heard second hand from people who have visited the island is that everyone involved with King Island Dairy are incredibly friendly, down to earth and passionate about cheese!  They are the sort of company who like their customers and will go above and beyond to provide the best product and amazing customer service.

When cooking, you need the most superior ingredients to produce the best results, which is why King Island Dairy is always my first choice when creating recipes.  Many of their cheeses are available at supermarkets, however, their finest selection are only available from select delicatessens.

For more information, recipes, product range and stockists, visit their website or facebook page.  Also, keep and eye out for me Top 5 - Recipes using King Island Dairy, coming soon. 

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