Monday, 5 December 2011

How to - Segment an Orange

Oranges. We all love them right?  They're available all year round and in hundreds of varieties, all with their individual flavour and uses.  Great for juicing, desserts and both sweet and savoury salads, among many other things.

Oranges are best known for their Vitamin C content, which assists in warding of colds and boosts the immune system

No matter what variety of oranges you eat, or what their use is in your cooking, segmented oranges are far more aesthetically pleasing as well as being more textually palatable.  Segmenting your oranges also removes all of the bitter pith and the tough membrane, leaving only the delicious flesh.  

To segment oranges, you'll need: 
  • Oranges
  • A paring knife (small, sharp, non-serrated knife)
  • A wooden chopping board

Step 1 - Top and tail your orange then place it upright so you have a stable surface to work from.

Step 2 - Run your knife between the flesh and pith, following the curve of the orange. Carefully remove all skin and pith, without taking too much of the flesh off.

Step 3 - Holding the orange in your hand, remove each segment by slice down the side of each segment, as close to the membrane as possible.  Set the segment aside, rotate the orange and continue until all segments have been removed.

Voila! It takes a little practice at first, but doesn't everything?  

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