Saturday, 10 December 2011

I don't remember a time I didn't cook

age 16...

I've been cooking since I was about 6 or 7 and as a result, by the time I reached 16 I thought I  knew what I was doing (as most 16 year olds do!), especially when preparing a recipe I had cooked many many times.  

My friends and I were catching up for a movie night and I offered to bring dinner.  I decided to make my cheese and spinach pie as it is quick, easy and everyone likes it!  When I went to make it I decided to double the amount of ricotta and fetta and also add some tasty and parmesan cheese for extra flavour. Great idea, right?!

So, I take my gorgeous golden crispy pie to my friends place and we're sitting in the garage getting ready to watch movies and my friends sister says she'll run inside to grab a knife to cut the pie and some cutlery and plates.  And I say 'Don't bother getting plates or cutlery, it's a pretty solid pie, we'll be able to just pick it up and eat it.'  It wasn't until I cut the pie and lifted the first piece out that I realised the pie was very sloppy!  When I more than doubled the cheese content I didn't add any extra spinach!! 

So, I felt super embarrassed after assuring everyone we would be able to eat solid pieces of pie and we all ended up with cheese all over our hands, all over our clothes and unfortunately, all over my friends couches and carpet!  To this day, I have still not lived this one down.

But I did learn two things; 1. When you change a recipe there will  be consequences.  2. Cheese and spinach pie tastes great with extra tasty and parmesan!  

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