Saturday, 3 December 2011


The delightful team from King Island Dairy recently sent me a sample of their new cheese, the Netherby Blue.  It is back by popular demand after two years out of production and after one taste, I began to wonder why they ever stopped making it! 

The cheese itself is a cheddar, bright orange in colour, with a subtle blue vein running through it.  It is moddelled after the traditional English Blue Cheshire and the orange colour is derived from the South American annatto bean. 

The flavour of the Netherby Blue is creamy and rich without being overpowering, with a definite nuttiness and a hint of blue vein that is mellow in flavour and no where near as pungent as a tradition blue vein cheese.  

So, if a 1.4kg wedge of cheese was not enough, the amazing people at King Island Dairy also send a cheese knife, some quince paste, a few crackers and a beautifully bound book about the Island and their Black Label Cheeses all in a gorgeous hessian cooler bag.  

I already have a few recipes rolling around in my head. I'd love to be able to be able to create five stand out recipes with this amazing cheddar!  I am thinking Netherby Blue and Asparagus Tart, Netherby Blue Souffle, Netherby Blue and Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken on Netherby Blue Polenta with a side of.....

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