Friday, 6 January 2012

Coco Banana Brazilian Restaurant - The Entrance, NSW

Check out some photo's from my dinner at Coco Banana Brazilian Restaurant the other night.  Located in The Entrance, this is the only restaurant on the Central Coast that offers churrasco (as far as I am aware).   Churrasco is meat on swords that is sliced at your table.  Check out their facebook page and website for more information.

Super cheesy garlic bread. Delicious! 


  1. I went to Coco on Saturday night. Overall was a good night but i will admit i have a littlw constructive critism about my experience. A little bit dissapointing in some of the staff were simply too 'stressed out' and seemed to not be able to handle a big crowd. Ecerything we asked for was taken with a slight roll od the eyes as if saying ' do i have to '.. Well yes, we are paying for a service and its your job i felt like telling them. Also being from a south american background we were all excited to gwt up and dance.. Well it was good for the 10 minutes we got till thwy couldnt have thw music up anymore duw to the place upstairs. A bit teasing. Food was great!!! Just a little off putting when you fewl as if asking for a high xhair for your baby is a little bit inconvienient to them.

  2. Appologies for my many typos. On my phone