Thursday, 19 January 2012

Recipes - Antipasto Skewers

I love antipasto and almost always serve it at my own events.  I've found, however, that it's not the easiest thing to serve when catering or when going for a picnic.  So my quick fix is to skewer it.

Antipasto, for example:
salami, prociutto, ham
olives, sundried tomatoes
cherry tomtoes, artichoke
fetta, bocconcini, 
roast capsicum, chargrilled eggplant
chargrilled zucchini, stuffed bell peppers
marinted button mushrooms

Step 1 - If required, cube fetta, tear meats into smaller pieces, halve button mushrooms and bell peppers, or cut larger vegetables into small pieces. 
Step 2 - Thread 3 things onto each toothpick, making sure to create as many combinations as possible.


Skewers can be prepped in advance and refrigerated for several hours before serving.

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