Sunday, 22 January 2012

Summer. Food. Drinks. Friends.

I have a lot of foodie friends, and some friends who aren't so foodie but love to eat, and we love to get together for lengthy dinners.  Last time we all got together was for my 25th birthday dinner party back in July - which was kind of the catalyst for me starting this blog.  For that dinner, I prepared a five course meal and it was spectacular but I thought I would change things up this time.  For this dinner I asked my guests to bring one course each (well, each couple).  It made for a very interesting and fun evening full of lots of laughs and delicious food.  And when I say lengthy, the appetizers went out at 7:15pm and dessert was served at 11:30pm!  Check out some photos from the night.

Left: A few cocktails to start the night.

Above Left: Alex making his amazing bruschetta, also seen in "In Someone Else's Kitchen" November 16th 2011.

Above Right: Tomato Tarte Tatin

Right:  Tessa after plating her Beetroot and Fetta salad. 

My guests.

Left: Ben and Sam's Pizzas have also featured on my blog  ("In Someone Else's Kitchen" December 21st 2011).  Varieties were: Antipasto, Spicy Chorizo and The Famous Prosciutto and Bocconcini.

Below: Laura's Moroccan Beef and Couscous Salad (beef not pictured).

Right: A delicious dessert to finish the night - Sticky Date Pudding w Caramel Sauce, Praline and Vanilla Ice-cream - thanks to the lovely ladies, Naomi and Lea (pictured above left).

An amazing night and I already cannot wait for the next one.

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