Thursday, 13 October 2011

How to - Quinelle

A quinelle is a technique used in restaurants to present mousse, ice cream, sorbet, mascarpone, whipped cream, etc.  It is an elliptical shape made by passing the mixture back and forth between two spoons.  It takes a little practice to get perfect (I'm not quite there yet!) but is an easy way to add a classy touch to a dish when presenting it to friends and family.

What you'll need:
  • Hot water
  • Two dessert spoons of equal size and shape
  • Whatever it is you're quinelling

This is difficult to describe so here goes...

Step 1 - Dip spoons into hot water, remove and shake off excess.  Do not dry spoons as the water residue will assist in achieving the desired effect. 
Step 2 - Holding a spoon in each hand, take a spoon full on the mixture and then run the empty spoon on top of the full spoon from back to front, scooping up the mixture as you drag it through.  Repeat a few times, until you have a smooth, even, three sided shape (as pictured) and carefully drop in onto the plate.


  1. You know what that looks like right!. Maybe u should have used something else to demonstrate!

  2. As an active industry professional this post is not only accurate but effective.

    Well done!