Sunday, 2 October 2011

Recipes - Smoked Salmon Wrapped Asparagus w Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce

This is a delicious breakfast perfect for this time of year when asparagus has just come into season and therefore is at its peak.  Preparing the hollandaise sauce is the most difficult and time consuming part of the recipe so the rest is quite simple and able to be fully prepared in 5 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to let your hollandaise sauce sit and thicken slightly before serving.

Ingredients - serves two
2 eggs
1 bunch asparagus, trimmed
100g smoked salmon
1 bread roll, sourdough or turkish, halved

Step 1 - Prepare hollandaise sauce as per recipe.
Step 2 - Fill two medium saucepans with water and bring to boil.  Reduce heat to a simmer add vinegar to one and use this to poach eggs.
Step 3 - Salt the water in the other sauce pan and cook asparagus on a fast simmer for 1 minute, or until just tender.  The time will vary slightly depending on thickness of asparagus spears.  When tender drain in a colander and pour a cup of cold water over to stop cooking process.
Step 4 - To ensure you have the same number of smoked salmon slices and asparagus spears, halve larger pieces of salmon if required. Wrap a piece of smoked salmon around each asparagus spear.  
Step 5 - To serve, toast bread if required and place a half on each plate, top with a poached egg and divide the smoked salmon wrapped asparagus between plates.  Drizzle with hollandaise sauce and serve with freshly cracked pepper. 


As always, timing is essential in preparing this dish.  When making the hollandaise sauce, use a saucepan that the asparagus will fit in, if possible.  When the sauce is finished, set the bowl aside, salt the water and cook asparagus in that pan.  This will save time and washing up!  Also, have the second pan for the eggs filled with water and vinegar and turn this on to heat while you are cooking the hollandaise so as soon it is ready you can poach your eggs immediately without having to wait for the water to heat.

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